• AERODISP® fumed silica and metal oxide dispersions - Product overview 105

    This brochure presents the usage of AERODISP® dispersions in different applications. AERODISP® dispersions are easy to handle and work with many applications. Their properties outperform those of powders.

  • AEROSIL® fumed silica - Product overview

    The AEROSIL® product overview brochure displays the whole range of Evonik's portfolio of pyrogenic oxides and dispersions. 

  • AEROSIL® R 972 / AEROSIL® R 974 - Specialized hydrophobic fumed silica to improve adhesives and sealants

    Due to their specific properties, AEROSIL® R 972 and AEROSIL® R 974 are used as additives for rheology control, reinforcement, anti-settling, anti-sag and improved storage stability in a multitude of areas within the adhesives and sealants industry.

  • AEROSIL® specialized fumed silica to improve adhesives and sealants

    Spezialized AEROSIL® fumed silica grades are used in structural adhesives that belong to future technologies in the automotive, construction, wind energy and chemical fixing industries.

  • AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides - Technical Overview 13

    This brochure compiles information about manufacture, physico-chemical characteristics and application fields of AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxide grades in a very comprehensive way. It provides a brief list of technical terms and literature references.