• AEROSIL® Pharma - One quality for food and pharma applications

    In times of increasing product rationalization, expanding quality requirements and easy powder handling for food and pharma applications our customer can now benefit from the enhanced quality of AEROSIL® 200 Pharma.

  • Evonik Silica and Silicate Products receive OMRI Listed® certification for organic farming

    Through the OMRI® listed certification of organic farming and program Evonik has received approval for several of its amorphous silica and silicate products.

  • Fact Sheet 32: SIPERNAT® D 17 - The superior anticaking aid for hygroscopic powders

    This factsheet informs in brief about the successful use of SIPERNAT® D 17 as anticaking aid for fire extinguishing powders, and for spray dried hygroscopic polymer powders.

  • Fact Sheet: ZEOFREE® calcium silicate for anti-caking and free flow (EU)

    ZEOFREE® products are used as free-flow and anti-caking agents to improve product quality and consistency by faster production rates, increased capacity, easy dispersion and effective flowability in process.

  • Industry Brochure 309

    NEW Feed brochure: An overview on the application of Evonik silicas and silicates in the feed industry.