• Fact Sheet 29: Boost your food grade defoamer performance with SIPERNAT® D 10

    SIPERNAT® D 10 boosts the performance of food defoamers; showcased at a mineral oil based defoamer formulation.

  • Technical Information 1313: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® for Defoamer

    Foam is detrimental to most poduction processes. The use of foam control agents containing Evonik SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® grades is a cost-effective method preventing for foam problems.

  • Technical Information 1381: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® - Efficient booster for defoamer in paints and coatings

    AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica products effectively enhance the performance of polyether-siloxane based defoamer formulations in three different latex binder systems commonly used in waterborne paints and coatings.

  • Technical Information 1382: Comparison of SIPERNAT® D 10 with in-situ hydrophobized fumed silica

    Content of this technical information is the experimental comparison of Evonik’s SIPERNAT® D 10 as defoamer silica with selected commercially available fumed silica grades, which were “in-situ” hydrophobized.

  • Technical Information 1391: Improving sedimentation stability of SIPERNAT® D 10 in mineral oil based defoamer formulations

    SIPERNAT® D 10 is well known in the industry as excellent booster silica for liquid and powder defoamer formulations.