• Fact Sheet 44: ZEOFREE® 600 LA – Calcium Silicate. The cure for your toughest caking problems

    ZEOFREE® 600 LA, is a high-performance anti-caking agent for the food and nutrition industries. ZEOFREE® 600 LA, a label-friendly calcium silicate, protects your product from moisture and solve the most difficult clumping problems due to its unique combination of high absorption capacity, small particle size, and microporosity.

  • Fact sheet: Anti-caking effect in powdered

    SIPERNAT® D 17 improves the flowability as well as the longterm stability by its anti-caking performance and ensures a lump free, uniform fertilizer distribution.

  • Fact Sheet: Having trouble with downtime in your feeding system? Evonik silica solves the problem.

    SIPERNAT®, ZEOFREE® specialty silica or AEROSIL® fumed silica make fish feed pellet more resistant against mechanical stress thus reducing downtimes due to plugging from broken pellets.

  • Fact Sheet: SIPERNAT® Improving the handling of organic acids

    SIPERNAT® products turn liquid ingredients into free-flowing powders. In that way, they enable the production of highly concentrated absorbates and ensure good flowability of the absorbate at the same time.

  • Industrie Broschüre: SIPERNAT® Spezialkieselsäure in der Futtermittelindustrie

    Für den Anwender von Futtermitteladditiven spielt die Handhabung eine zunehmend größere Rolle. Kunden können hier SIPERNAT® Spezialkieselsäure verwenden, das auch in automatisierten Prozessen genau und sicher dosiert werden kann.