• Fact Sheet 42: AEROSIL® R 816 - Supports Thickening Alcoholic Liquids and Gels

  • Fact Sheet: AEROSIL® R 816

    The fumed silica powder AEROSIL® R 816 offers an alternative technology to stabilize oil/water emulsions, enriching at oil/water interfaces and thereby stabilizing oil droplets in a continuous water phase by the pickering effect.

  • Fact Sheet: specialty rheology modifiers for concentrated liquid detergent

    Evonik’s wide range of AEROSIL® fumed silica low-water detergent test formulation grades improve product form and appeal by offering targeted rheology control. These specialty ingredients control viscosity and suspension properties independently, which give the formulator a high degree of flexibility.

  • Industry Brochure 321

    AEROSIL®, SIPERNAT® and ZEOFREE® for efficient and compact home care products