• Industry Brochure 306: solutions for the tire and rubber industry

    Synthetic amorphous silica is an essential component in Green Tires which are distinguished from conventional tires particularly by low rolling resistance reducing fuel consumption up to 8 percent and significantly improved grip (roadholding).

  • Industry Brochure 307: Silica / Silane  System for the Rubber Industry

    Precipitated and fumed silica can contribute significantly to rubber performance in many applications providing unique benefits. With the use of the right organosilane, the reinforcement capabilities of silica in rubber compounds are brought to an optimum.

  • Industry Brochure: Tires Go Green – A life cycle assessment of Silica/Silane technology for Green tires

    Compared to vehicles with conventional tires the fuel consumption of vehicles using the Silica/Silane technology in tires is reduced up to 8% what is an important contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires for Sustainable Mobility

  • Product Overview: precipitated silica for the rubber industry

    Precipitated silica in combination with rubber silanes is predominantly used in low-rolling resistance tires with excellent wet grip, but also in mechanical rubber goods and shoe soles which require enhanced performance.