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Evonik Toothpaste Performance Testing  (pdf, 787 KB)

Testing of Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) , Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) and Relative Enamel Abrasion (REA)


Fact Sheet 34: SPHERILEX® Precipitated Silicas for Enhanced Oral Care Applications  (pdf, 1.90 MB)

Evonik has a broad portfolio of precipitated silica products designed to be used in a wide variety of toothpaste categories, including the new SPHERILEX® products with enhanced performance benefits.


Industry Brochure 318: ZEODENT ® and AEROSIL® for Oral Care Applications  (pdf, 4.44 MB)


Technical Information 1418: ZEODENT® Dental Cleaning Silicas  (pdf, 544 KB)

ZEODENT® Dental Cleaning Silicas, Test Methods for Measuring Abrasivity of Dental Silicas


Evonik Silica improve cleaning performance, whitening effect, rheology control, optical clarity and fluoride compatibility in oral care products.

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