In agriculture Evonik silica are used in agrochemical products like fertilizers or herbicides for rheology control in liquid formulations and as flow additives and anti-caking agents in powders and granulates.

Silica from Evonik: For modern and sustainable agriculture

Efficient agriculture requires high-performance products: Evonik has an very wide range of silica products for your developments: Suitable for formulations in both crop protection, as well as seed treatment and for improved plant growth. The products are available in liquid or solid forms, as well as suspensions or emulsions.

Highly efficient agriculture is more important than ever before, as the global population continues to grow, and as the climate is changing around the world. Production processes must therefore be optimized to ensure a sustainable agriculture . Our wide range of fumed and precipitated silica enables us to support you in mastering this challenge. We offer you the ideal product for liquid or solid formulations, for suspensions or emulsions.

Cultivating arable crops requires the most efficient use of crop protection products. This can be supported by using granulates which can be processed without leaving any residues. Silica from Evonik provide you with efficient flow additives and anti-caking agents. And if you need to process liquid components at the same time, our silica can be used as a reliable carrier.

Our silica can be used to perfectly adjust rheological properties – for example in emulsifiable concentrates or oil dispersions. At the same time, they evenly distribute particles in the liquid to ensure the formulation remains stable for a long time. Our silica are the perfect starting ingredients for highly efficient products for the agricultural industry: for crop protection, seed treatment and plant growth. They reduce the consumption of ingredients and impress with their high purity and consistent quality.

Advantages of silica in the agricultural industry

  • They guarantee perfect rheology control in liquid formulations of agrochemical products, such as emulsified concentrates or oil dispersions
  • Silica from Evonik are used as stabilizing agents to prevent particles of the active ingredient from agglomerating in formulations
  • They evenly distribute particles of the active ingredients in liquids
  • They ensure the long-term stability of the formulation
  • They are used as flow additives and anti-caking agents in wettable powders and granulates