The Silica Specialist at Evonik

Evonik Silica offers a comprehensive portfolio of silica solutions for various industries worldwide. With a technical core expertise in particle design, we solve customer’s product specifications from the inside out.

EV battery components with fumed silica and metal oxides from Evonik

Car manufacturers are constantly optimizing their electric vehicles (EV) to bring forward climate-friendly electromobility. The design and functionality of the battery systems are being improved to increase the safety and longevity of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) by improving the design and functionality of the battery systems. Evonik’s AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® products contribute to innovative formulations for thermal stability, thermal conductivity, and thermal insulation within battery packs. ... MORE

Evonik - your expert for sustainable silica

We take sustainability seriously. It is a core element of our strategy and guides our actions. We strive to improve our customers' products in all markets while also making them more sustainable.  
Therefore, we are committed to constantly improving the sustainability of not only our own production processes but also those throughout the entire value chain. Additionally, we prioritize the topics of safety and health protection, ensuring they remain at the forefront of our agenda.  ... MORE

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