Evonik – your Silica expert

Evonik is one of the world’s leading silica producers. We are the only company to provide both precipitated and fumed silica and metal oxides from a single source – and in consistently high quality. Our network of regional laboratories on four continents puts us close to you, so we can provide tailored silica for your product. Benefit from our technical expertise, sustainable and innovative processes, and the diversity of our silica.

Our unique portfolio: We are the only supplier to offer both fumed and precipitated silica and metal oxides. With our expertise in particle design, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our global production network: We are close to you. We supply our customers from sites all over the world. You can rely on our high quality standards and individual technical consulting.

Our outstanding process technology: Our integrated silica/silane production platform and our top quality standards ensure that we are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Our global organization: We support our customers in more than one hundred countries with local sales teams and regional technology centers – let us help you expand your competitive advantage.

Fumed silica and precipitated silica  from Evonik.

A new image film takes you inside Evonik’s silica business and showcases where silicon dioxide makes our everyday lives more livable.

Our Brands

AERODISP® is the brand name for dispersions which are easy to handle and work with. In many applications their properties outperform those of powders. Our AERODISP® products have a milky-white appearance and low viscosity. Depending on the product, solid contents are between 12 to 50% by weight with narrow particle size distributions ranging from 50 to 300 nm. Discover the advantages and benefits that AERODISP® products can provide in your application.

AEROPERL® is the brand name for specially granulated fumed oxides. Evonik offers AEROPERL® granulates made from fumed oxides, such as silica, titania, or alumina. The granulates are largely spherical and combine the excellent characteristics of AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® with improved handling properties. Discover the advantages and benefits that AEROPERL® products can provide in your application.

Evonik is the inventor of synthetic fumed silica AEROSIL® which is produced by flame hydrolysis. For more than 80 years AEROSIL® has proven to enhance performance in many applications. Today our AEROSIL® portfolio covers a wide range of surface areas as well as very different surface chemistries. And AEROSIL® does not get tired in finding new applications and effects. AEROSIL® - invented to improve.

Evonik is one of the largest manufactures of nanostructured metal oxides. Typically, these are highly pure aluminum oxides or titanium dioxides, however our portfolio also consists of a growing range of hydrophobic and mixed oxides grades. Our AEROXIDE® product portfolio are applied in a wide range of applications and with our experienced global Applied Technology team we keep developing new applications.

Put your mind at ease with Evonik’s silicate solution for the paper market. Engineered to provide superior performance for paper and board applications, HYDREX® will increase the value of your product by providing improved quality and enhanced production flow.

With an unmet variety of high-quality silica and silicate products our skilled specialists have added value to hundreds of customer products and applications around the world. SIPERNAT® and ZEOFREE® products are used as an anti-caking agent, carrier, stabilizer, defoamer, rheology controller, microplastic replacement, and numerous others. Our product portfolio offers a specialized product for almost every challenge. Through advanced product technology, custom application development and best-in-class handling expertise, our technical team supports you in finding the right solution to step up your performance.

Building on decades of process and product expertise, Evonik introduces the unique SPHERILEX® technology to produce novel spherical silica. Expand your formulation possibilities for a broad range of applications, including oral care, cosmetics, plastics and more.

The precipitated silica for the Tire and Rubber Industry. From low rolling resistance tires with excellent wet grip properties and good abrasion resistance through to shoe soles and technical rubber products, the ULTRASIL® product range offers a wide spectrum of performance characteristics to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers. We are meeting the challenge of reliably providing the industry in all regions with innovative silica from the leading ULTRASIL® brand and excellent technical support.

ZEODENT® is the most trusted precipitated silica for toothpaste formulations around the world. ZEODENT® products deliver outstanding cleaning and thickening performance and are produced to strict quality requirements. Driven by passion for oral care, you can count on Evonik’s long standing expertise, wherever and whenever you need us.