Silica: the essential additive for every industry

Every field of application has its own particular requirements. With its broad product portfolio of fumed and precipitated silica and metal oxides, Evonik is perfectly equipped to meet the specific challenges of each industry. Thanks to our worldwide network, we are close to our customers and can work with them to develop bespoke solutions.

3D Printing

The possibilities of 3D printing seem all but infinite. Silica from Evonik are bespoke particles for your individual application. Be it as flow additives, reinforcing materials or to control viscosity, they help you get the best out of your products and process.

Adhesives and Sealants

Reliable adhesion calls for silica from Evonik, which enhance special adhesives and sealants for various sub-A&S-industries. Rely on our diverse product portfolio for optimum rheology, strengthening and transparency.


Efficient agriculture requires high-performance products: Evonik has an very wide range of silica products for your developments: Suitable for formulations in both crop protection, as well as seed treatment and for improved plant growth.


Products often need batteries to run. And Evonik gives batteries their power. Our high-quality pure silica and metal oxides increase the safety, lifetime and performance of batteries.

Cable Gel

Durable cable gels with optimum protection qualities are required to provide permanent protection for fiber-optic cables. Optimize cable gels and oil-based fillers with silica from Evonik.


Whether as catalyst carriers, binders or processing aids, silica and metal oxides from Evonik are essential components of catalysts.


For industrial ceramics applications, Evonik offers silica with a large surface area and high chemical purity. They improve the properties and quality of ceramic materials, as well as facilitating processing.


Silica and titanium oxide from Evonik optimize construction materials, such as concrete and mortar. Whether as an anti-caking agent, a carrier or an additive in concrete and cement, our silica and metal oxides enhance construction materials.


Defoamers prevent unwanted foam formation. Silica from Evonik increase the efficiency enormously – and are also the right choice when it comes to producing powdered defoamers. In emulsions, silica ensure perfect rheology and stable formulations.


Life without electronics? Inconceivable. That is why Evonik’s highly specialized silica and metal oxides are indispensable helpers in electronic applications of all kinds.


Silica ensure that your animal feed or animal feed additives remain pourable. Whether as a flow additive, an anti-caking agent or as a carrier substance – our silica ensure the manufacturing processes are optimized and that further processing of high-quality animal feed runs smoothly.


Powdered food and additives have to meet high standards in terms of quality as well as from handling perspective: They must be easy to dose, free-flowing and stable when stored. Silica from Evonik are the perfect ingredients for this.


Silica from Evonik are the first-choice option for the production of resistant glass. With our high-purity fumed silica and AERODISP® dispersions, you can produce fire protection doors and windows offering outstanding heat protection – tailored to your needs.

Health Care

Many challenges – one solution: Fumed and precipitated silica from Evonik are some of the most important and highly used pharmaceutical excipients.

Home Care

Be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, no household nor office can do without cleaning agents – and no cleaning agent should do without silica from Evonik. They ensure ease of use and are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional ingredients.


A pleasant light is not everything – today’s illuminants also need a favorable energy balance and a long service life. With fumed aluminum oxide and fumed silica from Evonik, you can produce efficient and high-performance fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

Lubricating Greases

As additives or thickeners, our silica not only improve the performance, but also the shelf life of your products. With diverse applications and highly effective: Silica from Evonik improve lubricants and greases.


Don’t give rust a chance: As a highly effective additive in anti-corrosion coatings, silica from Evonik extend the life of metal components and increase the scratch resistance in paint coats.


Bring in the reinforcements: With rubber silica from Evonik, mechanical rubber goods (MRG) withstand even the toughest loads. As reinforcing fillers, they improve the tear resistance, dimensional stability and durability of your products.

Oil and Gas

Oral Care

Everything from a single source: Evonik is your complete solution provider for oral care. With our dental silica, you can tailor your recipes precisely to your formulation needs. Different cleaning levels, optimum rheology – or optical and sensory properties.

Paints and Coatings

The coatings industry is vast and diverse, consisting of numerous markets - each with their own set of challenges and trends.


Never before has the selection of print media been as comprehensive as it is today – nor the demands on print quality been so high. Paper and film manufacturers want to meet these tough requirements. Evonik supports you with the most comprehensive range of silica types on the market.

Personal Care

Let us share a beauty secret with you: Evonik has a wide range of effective and environmentally friendly special silica in its portfolio – for hair and face and body care as well as decorative cosmetics and nail polish. Get the best out of your products with our silica.


Our lives today are unimaginable without plastics – and no plastic can exist without additives. As additives, silica from Evonik ensure optimum properties and the maximum quality in plastics for almost every field of use.

Shoe Sole

Optimize the rubber compounds of your shoe soles with silica from Evonik. Our silicas have a wide range of uses as reinforcing fillers, whether for increasing resistance to wear, as improving traction – or for modern design as a transparent and/or translucent sole.

Silicone Rubber

Extremely flexible and tear-proof, whether cold or hot – optimize the desired properties of high-quality silicone products with fumed silica and metal oxides from Evonik.

Technical Powder

Powders need to flow freely – in everything from fire extinguishers to construction materials. Silica from Evonik improve the handling of all types of powder in the chemicals industry, either as flow additives or as carriers for highly viscous liquids, known as dry liquids.

Thermal Insulation

Face the challenges of saving energy and protecting the climate: Fumed silica from Evonik are excellent insulators that provide far greater heat insulation than conventional systems.


Pioneering tires need innovative rubber compounds. Silica from Evonik are optimal active fillers for sustainable tires – whether in cars, trucks or buses. Tire mixtures with silica save fuel, thereby reducing the impact on the environment by reduction of CO2 emissions.


With silica from Evonik, you retain the optimum flow properties for your toner powder and control its electrostatic chargeability in a targeted way. We are your partner for maximum precision.


Silica from Evonik enables you to process unsaturated polyester resins in the best possible way. Our silica guarantee effective thickening and adjust the thixotropy of the resins perfectly.