For catalyst carrier applications Evonik offers special silica and metal oxides with high purity and heat stability. AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® serve as process aid, rheology control agent or silica source for zeolite synthesis.

For a faster reaction: Silica from Evonik for catalysts

Whether as catalyst carriers, binders or processing aids, silica and metal oxides from Evonik are essential components of catalysts. Our silica offer you clear advantages in catalyst manufacturing – thanks to their extremely high chemical purity and good heat resistance among other factors.

Without catalysts, many chemical processes are not possible or can only be brought about slowly. Even small amounts of a catalyst have an effect here – they considerably reduce the energy consumption needed, thereby allowing chemical products to be created more efficiently and using fewer resources. Silica and metal oxides from Evonik support you in the production of catalysts in diverse ways, for example as part of the carrier material in the catalytic system, as a raw material in zeolite synthesis or as a process auxiliary. Whatever you need, our broad range of silica products offers you the ideal solution.
Our silica and metal oxides significantly improve the properties of catalysts. They expand the catalytically active surfaces while at the same time controlling and regulating the porosity and pore size distribution. Moreover, they minimize undesired secondary reactions. We offer a large portfolio of silica and metal oxides, from high-purity metal oxides to binary mixed oxides and even particularly fine-particle and granulated variants. We guarantee the high purity of our silica and reliability of supply, while our experienced technical customer service staff provides you with competent advice.

Benefits of silica and metal oxides from Evonik in catalysts

  • Excellent carrier materials
  • Additives and/or raw materials for sustainable catalyst production
  • More effective and durable catalysts
  • Extremely high chemical purity and good heat resistance

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