Evonik Silica AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® are used in the construction sector as flow aid, anticaking und antisedimentation agent and carrier. Evonik provides a wide range of admixtures for the drymix industry.

For modern construction: Silica from Evonik for construction material applications

Silica and titanium oxide from Evonik optimize construction materials, such as concrete and mortar. Whether as an anti-caking agent, a carrier or an additive in concrete and cement, our silica and metal oxides enhance construction materials and enable them to be processed further without any problems.

The basic recipe for concrete is simple: cement made from limestone and clay, aggregates like sand and gravel, and water. But not all concrete is the same. Depending on the application, manufacturers adjust the properties of the final product using ready-made mixtures of organic and mineral additives. Our silica play a vital role here.
As a process auxiliary, silica from Evonik supports the production of ready-made chemical mixtures. Whether as a flow additive or a defoamer to prevent bubbles – our silica enhance the properties of construction materials like concrete and mortar. In mineral systems, the silica’s pozzolanic effect comes into its own. This is crucial for the post-curing of the concrete, lasts for years, and gives the material its ultimate strength.

Thanks to our AEROXIDE® fumed titanium dioxides and their photocatalytic effect, you can produce cutting-edge, sustainable cements for concrete road surfaces and paving stones – for reduced nitrogen oxide in the environment and self-cleaning, dirt-repellent surfaces. Our silica and metal oxides are functional additives that improve the handling, properties and durability of powdered additives for concrete and mortar. Benefit from the consistently high product quality of our wide range of silica.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in the construction industry

  • Tailored to applications in the construction industry
  • Improved early strength of concrete
  • Caking prevented in dry mortar applications
  • Liquids converted into free-flowing powders
  • Reduced nitrogen dioxide immissions in urban areas

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