Evonik silica are used in defoamers based on hydrophobic liquids such as mineral oil, silicone oil or vegetable oil. AEROSIL® works as rheology modifier and antisettling agent in oil and emulsion. SIPERNAT® is preferred as carrier for powder defoamer.

Bursting bubbles: Silica from Evonik for defoamers

Defoamers prevent unwanted foam formation. Silica from Evonik increase the efficiency enormously – and are also the right choice when it comes to producing powdered defoamers. In emulsions, silica ensure perfect rheology and stable formulations.

Foam can be disruptive – for example in coatings where air bubbles cannot be allowed to compromise the smooth surface, and in production processes like paper manufacturing, where foam can even cause downtimes. Defoamers help by controlling or entirely preventing unwanted foam formation. Our hydrophobic silica products SIPERNAT® specialty silica and AEROSIL® fumed silica effectively improve the efficiency of defoamers, foam regulators and deaerators. These silica prevent air bubbles from forming or destabilize existing foam, regardless of the manufacturing process or application.
But silica from Evonik can do much more: In oily media, such as mineral oil, silicone oil or vegetable oil, they function as anti-settling agents and optimize rheology – including in emulsified formulations. Many industrial defoamer and deaerator applications benefit from our hydrophobic silica. The tailored particle size enables easy production. If you require a carrier substance for powder defoamers, SIPERNAT® specialty silica is the product of choice. See the high product quality of our wide range of silica for yourself. Evonik’s experienced technical customer service will support you if you have any questions.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in defoamers

  • Tailored particle sizes for defoamer formulations – both for carrier substances based on silicone oil and for mineral
  • Effective defoamer booster
  • Dispersion ability enables easy use in defoamer formulations

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