In animal feed Evonik silica serve as free flow additive, anti-caking agent or carrier for liquid components like vitamins or organic acids.

Easy to process at all times: Silica & Silicates for the animal feed industry

Silica from Evonik ensure that your animal feed or animal feed additives remain pourable. Whether as a flow additive, an anti-caking agent or as a carrier substance – our silica ensure the manufacturing processes are optimized and that further processing of high-quality animal feed runs smoothly.

People are delighted when their pets are healthy. And the same applies for livestock. Ensuring animals are healthy requires one thing above all: The best possible animal feed. Producers of high-quality animal feed focus on the precise dosing of raw materials in an automated manufacturing process at all times – and that these materials are easy to process. Silica from Evonik provides significant benefits here. We know the sector and the challenges which can occur during the manufacturing, processing and storage of animal feed or raw materials. Disruptive factors, such as poor flow behavior, or the tendency to cake, can easily be avoided by using silica products from Evonik.
And our silica can do much more: They can be used as carrier substances for liquid components, such as vitamins, organic acids or antioxidants. Silica products developed specifically for animal feed make it easier to mix absorbates into a powder or granulate animal feed premix. Our experienced technical customer service will support you throughout the entire process.

Advantages of silica for the animal feed industry

  • With silica as carriers, liquid components can be transformed into powder form, allowing them to be distributed evenly
  • Important nutrients, such as vitamins, can be dosed more precisely. This ensures that the animals have a healthy nutrition
  • Anti-caking agents: Animal feed and its raw materials remain pourable through the use of silica. They do not cake during storage and transportation
  • Free flow: Perfect flow capabilities during manufacturing and processing
  • Avoid wasting feed and additives due to caking
  • Simple processing of animal feed saves resources

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Evonik and Brabender – For a more sustainable aquaculture feeding: Brand-new application of Evonik silica as extrusion and pellet stabilizing aid, enabling the production of high-fat and mechanically stable aquatic feed pellets without post-processing coating step.


With silica from Evonik, manufacturers can now add a high fat content directly in the first production step during extrusion. Because the ubsequent oil coating is no longer needed and the pellets remain stable despite being highly fatty, this method is cheaper for manufacturers and more sustainable for the environment.

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