Evonik Silica are used in powdered food products like spices, milk powder or coffee creamer to improve flowability, reduce caking tendency and minimize dust generation.

For ongoing enjoyment: Silica from Evonik for the food industry

Powdered food and additives have to meet high standards in terms of quality as well as from handling perspective: They must be easy to dose, free-flowing and stable when stored. Silica from Evonik are the perfect ingredients for this. Allow us to add our expertise with silica to your production of high-quality food. 

Salt and pepper as well as other spices should always finely pour from the shakers. This effect is not only desired in the kitchen but is also important during industrial processing. Our wide range of fumed and precipitated silica enables you to precisely dose ground spices, fruit powders and plant extracts. Silica from Evonik ensure that powdered foods and ingredients remain highly pourable and free flowing.
The silica product range for the food industry also helps make your production sustainable: Because silica from Evonik prevent caking, you have less food waste and production rejects. Powders which can be dosed precisely and are soluble are also vital for the error-free operation of beverage and soup vending machines. They enable your machines to continue running and prevent failures and expensive maintenance. Our silica products guarantee ideal free flow effects in production and in gastronomic applications – and they ensure storage stability for end products. Take advantage of our years of experience with silica in your production of high-quality foods with unfailing flavors and consistent quality.

Advantages of silica for the food industry

  • As anti-caking agents, they prevent caking and the formation of lumps in powdered foods
  • Reduced food waste and production rejects
  • Lower energy consumption during production
  • Vending machines are more reliable as downtimes and maintenance are reduced
  • Consistent taste thanks to unvarying and reliable dosing

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