In the manufacture of fire-resistant glass, AERODISP® serves as a dispersion which, in the event of a fire, forms a radiant heat barrier and maintains the glass transparency.

For reliable fire protection: Silica from Evonik for glass

Silica from Evonik are the first-choice option for the production of resistant glass. With our high-purity fumed silica and AERODISP® dispersions, you can produce fire protection doors and windows offering outstanding heat protection – tailored to your needs.

Fire resistant doors and windows are usually compulsory in public buildings, but there are increasing applications for fire resistant glass in private homes, too. The material is subject to complex demands. Fire resistant glass must be resistant to fire, smoke and heat, while still being highly transparent. To allow you to produce individual doors and windows from fire resistant glass, Evonik offers you silica and AERODISP® dispersions developed especially for this purpose.
Our expertise in dispersion technology and the high purity of the AERDISP® dispersion guarantee all the components required to protect effectively against fire, smoke and radiant heat. And AERODISP® offers you, the producer, further benefits too. Investment costs are low; the production process is simple and sustainable. You can also create glazing with outstanding optical quality and UV stability that can be constantly reproduced.

We give you our expertise – both in establishing your production and in the production process of the fire resistant glass. Our AEROSIL® fumed silica and AEROXIDE® dispersions can also be used for specialist glass polishing applications.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in glass

  • Outstanding fireproof performance of fire resistant glass
  • Optimized composition of the intermediate layer for maximum fire protection
  • High transparency
  • UV stability
  • Simple, controllable and reproducible production process
  • Low investment costs

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