Evonik Silica are found in a variety of home care products like powder and liquid detergents. AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® work as rheology modifier to improve free flow of liquid formulations and to prevent caking in powders.

Indispensable in home and industry: Silica from Evonik in cleaning agents

Be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, no household nor office can do without cleaning agents – and no cleaning agent should do without silica from Evonik. They ensure ease of use and are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional ingredients.

The demands on current household and industrial cleaners are increasing. Clearly, cleaning agents used in living and working spaces have to be harmless to the health of the occupants. At the same time, consumers also expect the product to be highly effective in low doses, as well as easy to use. Liquid cleaning agents should flow smoothly from the bottle and neither drip viscously nor splash. Powders should be finely pourable without caking in the packaging. Silica from Evonik help you manufacture cleaning agents with all these properties.

The high absorption capabilities of AEROSIL ® fumed silica and SIPERNAT ® as well as ZEOFREE® specialty silica enable the production of compact powders with high active ingredient concentrations. Our special carrier silica even enable liquid additives to be integrated into pourable powders. Whether you manufacture liquid formulations, gels, sprays or compact cleaning tabs – our wide product range has the right silica for your purpose.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in household cleaning agents

  • Harmless alternative to conventional ingredients
  • Improved pourability and anti-caking effect for powders
  • Simple transformation of liquid ingredients into powder
  • Rheology control of liquid formulations
  • Sustainable end products with silica

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