Evonik Silica are indispensable in modern lighting applications like fluorescent lamps and LEDs. AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® serve as inorganic binder, light diffuser and mercury diffusion barrier for more effective UV radiation.

Dazzlingly efficient: Silica from Evonik in modern illuminants

A pleasant light is not everything – today’s illuminants also need a favorable energy balance and a long service life. With fumed aluminum oxide and fumed silica from Evonik, you can produce efficient and high-performance fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

Light-emitting diodes (LED) and fluorescent lamps are currently considered the top choice for lighting – especially given sustainability considerations. Fumed aluminum oxide (AEROXIDE®) and fumed silica (AEROSIL®) from Evonik really come into their own here, as strong binding agents or substrates in fluorescent lamps. You benefit in the production of premium illuminants: The specialized products offer you functions that are very difficult to achieve with other substances.
For example, AEROXIDE® particles work extremely effectively as binding agents in the phosphorus layer of fluorescent lamps, preventing mercury from penetrating the protective layer of the glass tubes, where it can impair the illumination quality. An effective mercury barrier layer thus increases the life span of fluorescent lamps, while also reducing energy costs.

In LED lamps, our silica and metal oxides are used as diffusion particles in LED silicon lenses. Fumed aluminum oxides from Evonik also help fluorescent substances to adhere both to each other and to glass. See the high product quality of our silica products across the full spectrum of lighting applications for yourself.

Benefits of silica and metal oxides from Evonik in illuminants

  • Inorganic binding agent for better adhesion
  • Effective mercury barrier layer for high efficiency
  • Light diffuser in modern LED lamps
  • Aluminum dispersion for more efficient use

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