Evonik Silica improve cleaning performance, whitening effect, rheology control, optical clarity and fluoride compatibility in oral care products.


Everything from a single source: Evonik is your complete solution for oral care. With our ZEODENT® products, you can tailor your formulations precisely to your needs. Do you need different cleaning levels, optimum rheology, or optical and sensory properties? We can help you to achieve differentiation in the marketplace.

When buying toothpaste, everybody has an individual preference - be it based on dental care needs, flavor, foam, or optics. With ZEODENT® from Evonik, you can adapt your toothpaste’s features to the broad variety of customer preferences, thanks to the most comprehensive portfolio of the industry. ZEODENT® products have high compatibility with active ingredients like Stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride, etc. and are produced under the highest quality and safety standards. Silica based toothpaste has become the preference of customers because of mouth feel and aesthetics. Evonik is the leading partner in oral care because of their reliable supply and vast portfolio to fulfill all your formulation needs.
No matter if you want to adjust the toothpaste cleaning from gentle to whitening, create an opaque or clear or striped products or modify the toothpastes viscosity, Evonik has the right ZEODENT® for you. Of course, our natural dental products meet the USP-NF "Dental-Type Silica" and EP "Silica, dental type" monographs and come COSMOS, Kosher, Halal and Pareve certified. Define your individual requirements – we have the silica for the perfect formulation.

Advantages of silica in oral care products

  • Range of cleaning levels: from gentle to strong cleaning
  • Compatible with numerous therapeutic ingredients
  • A wide range of optical appearances: from opaque to clear, striped, and two-phase toothpastes
  • Optimized rheology control
  • NATRUE compliant and COSMOS certified


Why is silica used in toothpaste?

Silica has two important roles in toothpaste. One role is to clean your teeth, dental abrasives remove the pellicle layer on the enamel exposing the stain and abrade it away. The second role is thickening, dental silica thickeners help create a matrix in toothpaste that helps with smooth mouth feel, viscosity, and reduced water loss.

How does ZEODENT® thickening silica work?

ZEODENT® thickening silica works by building a cohesive matrix with the hydrocolloids (gums) in the formulation. This matrix helps reduce water loss and stabilize viscosity of the toothpaste over time. Thickening silica also gives a smooth mouth feel to the toothpaste that is pleasing to consumers. Thickening silica also helps with formulation aesthetics by decreasing stringiness so that the customer has a clean break when applying the toothpaste ribbon to their toothbrush. Currently Evonik has two precipitated dental thickeners ZEODENT® 165 and ZEODENT® 153. Ask our experts which one will be right for your application.

Why is silica beneficial to oral health?

Dental silica, ZEODENT®, has a range of cleaning levels. Evonik creates dental silicas with gentle cleaning for sensitive or children’s toothpaste to strong cleaning for whitening toothpaste and everything in between. Even with Evonik’s strong dental cleaners there is no risk to scratching the enamel or eroding the dentin. It has better purity so there is less interaction with actives in the formulation, making the actives more available in the mouth. ZEODENT® also has optical properties if you are looking to make a gel or add a stripe to your toothpaste formulation.

How do I know my toothpaste formulation whitens?

To know if your formulation whitens it needs to be tested at a third-party testing facility for PCR (pellicle cleaning ratio). this will give you the best approximation for whitening of your formulation. At Evonik, our experts can give you formulation guides to help you achieve the cleaning you desire. Evonik has tested our abrasive silicas for PCR and can give you a range of dental silica needed in your formulation to achieve the industry standard of “Whitening”. According to research PCR above 90 is considered a whitening toothpaste.


Are you looking for new technology? Evonik has a new innovative product, SPHERILEX®, because of its unique process the particle morphology is spheroidal. The spheroidal shape has unique attributes that produce smoother mouth feel, increased compatibility, and cleaning benefit.  For strong cleaning and lower abrasion vs our standard strong cleaning silica (ZEODENT® 103) use SPHERILEX® 145. For whitening at low loading levels in your toothpaste formulation and excellent blocking of tubules use SPHERILEX® 148.


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