Evonik Silica improve cleaning performance, whitening effect, rheology control, optical clarity and fluoride compatibility in oral care products.

Oral care: Creating carefree smiles

Everything from a single source: Evonik is your complete solution provider for oral care. With our dental silica, you can tailor your recipes precisely to your formulation needs. Different cleaning levels, optimum rheology – or optical and sensory properties? We help you to achieve differentiation in the market place.

When buying toothpaste, everybody has an individual preference - be it based on dental care needs, flavor, foam, or optics. With silica from Evonik, you can adapt your toothpaste’s features to those broad variety of customer preferences, thanks to the most comprehensive portfolio of the industry,
No matter if you want to adjust the toothpaste cleaning from gentle to whitening, create an opaque or clear or striped products or modify the toothpastes viscosity, Evonik has the right silica for you. Our dental silica are highly compatible with other ingredients such as fluoride and produced under the highest quality and safety standards. Of course, our natural identical products meet the USP-NF "Dental-Type Silica" and EP "Silica, dental type" monographs and come COSMOS, Kosher, Halal and Pareve certified. Define your individual requirements – we have the silica for the perfect recipe.

Advantages of silica in dental care products

  • Range of cleaning levels: from gentle to high cleaning
  • Compatible with numerous therapeutic ingredients
  • A wide range of optical appearances: from opaque to clear, striped and two-phase toothpastes
  • Optimized rheology control
  • NATRUE compliant and COSMOS certified


For high cleaning at low loading levels and excellent blocking of tubules, use SPHERILEX® 145 and 148 for whitening and sensitive toothpastes.

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