Evonik offers Silica products for paper production, paper processing, paper coatings, and inkjet coatings. Evonik Silica guarantee constant printability, high ink absorption, instant ink drying, brilliant colors and gloss.

Perfect prints: Silica for paper, film and textile coatings

Never before has the selection of print media been as comprehensive as it is today – nor the demands on print quality been so high. Paper and film manufacturers want to meet these tough requirements. Evonik supports you with the most comprehensive range of silica types on the market. Our products not only meet the highest quality requirements, but are also easy to use.

Printing has long been done on much more than just paper, with films, plastics and textiles also commonly used. Whichever print medium is used, high product quality is just as important as consistent quality. Customers expect print media that are perfectly tailored to suit specific inks and toners. With our fumed silica, precipitated silica and silicates, you can produce substrate surfaces ideal for any application and situation.
Are you focused on producing prints with vibrant colors, high color intensity and consistent printability? Silica from Evonik allows a wide range of print media properties to be controlled and enhanced in a targeted manner. Our materials help optimize the preparation of paper or polymer substrates for subsequent treatment steps. Let us work together to increase the success of your products and printing technologies.

Advantages of silica for the paper industry


  • Improved quality and permanent printability of paper and print media
  • High ink absorption capabilities – for particularly good print results
  • Vibrant colors and high color intensity guaranteed
  • Silica from Evonik are used to control gloss levels of print media in a targeted manner


  • TiO2 extension in décor paper, filter tipping paper as well as envelope paper, thin printing paper
  • Higher brightness and improved print quality in specialty papers (e.g. décor paper, filter tipping paper)
  • Reduced print-through and higher opacity on envelope paper, thin printing paper
  • Decreased use of expensive chemical pulp in white-top and folding box boards
  • Reduced mottling (e.g. top layer of folding boxboard)

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