No matter which application you want to formulate, our silica portfolio dedicated for personal care offers versatile solutions to achieve required effects and realize special product features. Learn more about possibilities in hygienic and care products, color cosmetics and a lot more.

Calming Deo Roll-on, FEATURING: AEROSIL® R 816 (O/W PICKERING EMULSION) for particle stabilized emulsions.

Never give up: Deo roll-on!

In order for deodorant to work properly, the ingredients must be of high quality and above all, work together. Silica AEROSIL® R 816 helps with stick consistency and salt suspension/uniformity. It can also be used for rheology adjustment. For more information click here:

Get rid of your old skin the sensitive way with natural derived particles. Exfoliating Cleansing Bar with SIPERNAT® 9000 PC.

Show me your feet!

During summer, well-groomed feet are a must! As well as special peels which are rough on dirt and gentle on feet help with this. SIPERNAT® 9000 PC is an eco-friendly alternative to micro-plastics in peels and is recognized by major certification organizations, e.g. COSMOS, as nature-identical due to its close relationship with naturally occurring silica. Click here for more information:

A lip gloss whose consistency and color distribution remains stable in the long term and defies summer temperatures?

This is possible with Silica AEROSIL® R 812. Pigments are stabilized in a primarily organic matrix and improve the temperature stability of oil based pigmented formulations. Try it out and click here for more information:

For a shining look!

Silica AEROSIL® R 805 supports the spreadability of the mascara on the lashes and helps with suspending pigments and increasing formula body. Furthermore it supports a long-lasting effect for exciting lashes all day long. Click here for more information:

Always ready for the perfect show!

Silica AEROSIL® R 816 in nail polish does a great job for rheology control and anti-settling of pigments. Just what a good nail polish must have. For more information click here:

What is the secret of a powder that is very easy to apply, feels light on the skin and transports special active ingredients at the same time?
What is the secret of a powder that is very easy to apply, feels light on the skin and transports special active ingredients at the same time?

Most likely it is a powder-to-cream formula. The Silica Powder-to-Cream concept takes advantage of the moisturizing properties of dry water and couples it with our carrier technology in order to deliver unique properties to your formulations. It allows the formulator greater flexibility by introducing a second component to the formulation or by adding actives via the actives absorbate component. Convince yourself of the advantages!

Not old-fashioned at all!

Dry Shampoo has been back in fashion for a few years now and shows its strength as a fat-dissolving spray and as the secret ingredient for the extra volume portion. This is made possible by Evonik Silica SIPERNAT® 50 S and AEROSIL® R 812 S. They make the decisive difference in dry shampoo formulas and absorb excess oil, moisturize the hair and give it volume. And in addition to all these advantages, the use of dry shampoo also helps the environment as it saves water. Click here for more information: