Evonik Silica are used in the production of plastics, thermoplastics, superabsorber granules and powders. SIPERNAT® serves as anticaking and Antiblocking agent und provides free flow.

Real all-rounders: Silica from Evonik for plastics and thermoplastics

Our lives today are unimaginable without plastics – and no plastic can exist without additives. As additives, silica from Evonik ensure optimum properties and the maximum quality in plastics for almost every field of use.

The range of plastics appears almost infinite – they are found everywhere from the automotive industry, to electronics, to packaging. But it is additives that transform a plastic into a material with tailored properties. This is where the diverse potential of silica from Evonik comes in. They enhance the handling, quality and performance of thermoplastics, polymer compounds, composites and thermoplastic polymers.
When used as additives, our silica make it easier to process plastics at all times, as they enable powders and granulates to flow freely, as well as prevent caking, even after long storage times. They also act as carriers and process auxiliaries, or control rheology.

But our wide range of silica types can do even more: They have an anti-blocking effect in films and absorb infrared radiation in greenhouse films. As a smart material, they display their strengths in superabsorbers and optimize the material properties of plastic for 3D printing. In short, silica from Evonik enhance your plastics and thermoplastics in an innovative and sustainable way.

Benefits of silica from Evonik for plastics and thermoplastics

  • Tailored additives for the plastics sector
  • Simple processing
  • Consistently high product quality


Antiblocking agents for high clarity polymer films: SPHERILEX® 30 AB for very thin films and biaxially oriented film applications and SPHERILEX® 60 AB for standard films based on PE and PP.

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