High Clarity



Technical Overview: AEROSIL® - Fumed Silica

Technical Overview 13: AEROXIDE® – Fumed Metal Oxides

AEROSIL® product overview

Product Overview: AERODISP® Fumed Silica and Metal Oxide Dispersions

Product Overview: AEROPERL® Granulated fumed oxides

Technical Information 1428: AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® for 3D Printing Applications/Additive Manufacturing

Silica - a manifold of solutions for plastics

SIPERNAT®, AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® Processing aid for plastic powders and plastic additives

Antiblocking agents for high clarity polymer films: SPHERILEX® 30 AB and SPHERILEX® 60 AB

Technical Information 1334: SIPERNAT® 820 A as an IR absorber in greenhouse film