Evonik Silica are an important component in shoe soles. Silica ensure high abrasion resistance and good damping and allow modern design with transparent shoe soles.

Silica from Evonik: For modern, high-grip shoes

Optimize the rubber compounds of your shoe soles with silica from Evonik. Our silicas have a wide range of uses as reinforcing fillers, whether for increasing resistance to wear, as improving traction – or for modern design as a transparent and/or translucent sole.

Every shoe is different, especially when it comes to the soles. The sole of a sports shoe has to cope with very different challenges to that of a work boot. That is why you, the customer, need a rubber compound tailored to your requirements – and even better if you have access to a particularly broad spectrum of precipitated and fumed silica!

Silica from Evonik impress especially when it comes to high abrasion and flex resistance on soles that are submitted to high constraints and a lot of strain, such as long-distance running shoes and military boots. But diversity is also what makes shoe soles so special. Many sports shoes like basketball or tennis shoes need particularly high slip resistance on either wet or dry surfaces for good traction properties, while others attract attention with modern designs such as translucent or even transparent soles. Our extremely broad range of products makes all this possible – in consistently high quality, worldwide.

Advantages of silica for rubber shoe soles

  • High abrasion resistance – vital for all shoes under high strain
  • Diverse design options for a modern appearance, even including transparent and translucent soles
  • High wet and dry slip resistance to guarantee high traction
  • Optimum adhesion to textile material for easy joining

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