Evonik Silica are used for the reinforcement of heat cured rubber and liquid silicone rubber, keep it transparent and flexible and provide excellent heat stability. AEROSIL® allows precise rheology control.

Flexible and transparent: Silica from Evonik in silicone rubber

Extremely flexible and tear-proof, whether cold or hot – optimize the desired properties of high-quality silicone products with fumed silica and metal oxides from Evonik.

Silicone rubber ensures that babies can drink happily from bottles, diving goggles have a watertight seal on your face and medical infusion tubes supplying patients with vital fluids do not kink. It is an extremely adaptable material with myriad applications in industry, medicine and the home.
Optimize the desired properties of silicone rubber with silica from Evonik. Thixotropy is one example – a crucial characteristic when it comes to handling silicone sealing compounds that need to exit the cartridge smoothly and cleanly before curing quickly in the joint. Our AEROSIL® fumed silica enables the viscosity to be adjusted perfectly.

If the main requirement is heat resistance, for example for baking trays or oven seals, our fumed metal oxides (AEROXIDE®) are ideal materials. They enable silicone to be used safely in ovens and in direct contact with food.

And we also offer a further special feature: AEROSIL® fumed silica enables you to manufacture colorless, highly transparent silicone rubber which is used in medical applications. Do you prefer your silicone colored? No problem with our silica. Our experts will gladly advise you on your individual application.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in silicone rubber

  • Optimal rheology and thixotropy control
  • Excellent thermal properties, such as heat resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, breaking elongation and tear resistance
  • Production of highly transparent silicone products which can also be dyed

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