Going with the flow: Silica from Evonik for powder technology

Powders need to flow freely – in everything from fire extinguishers to construction materials. Silica from Evonik improve the handling of all types of powder in the chemicals industry, either as flow additives or as carriers for highly viscous liquids, known as dry liquids.

Powders need to allow perfect handling at all times, both during transport and dosing and following extended storage. When powders flow poorly, it not only makes processing more difficult, but also impairs the quality of the final product. As a manufacturer of powders and bulk goods, you rely on the best possible auxiliaries. Benefit from silica from Evonik as flow additives, anti-caking agents and carriers for liquids. You can always rely on consistently high product quality.
Our AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® precipitated silica are e.g. simply absorbing residual moisture in powders, they prevent subsequent caking during storage. We also have a solution for handling highly viscous or sticky liquids: SIPERNAT® precipitated silica transforms them into free-flowing powders, known in the industry as dry liquids. Selecting the right carrier silica also allows you to produce low-dust absorbates.

To ensure a perfect end result, you need to take various factors into account when selecting the silica type, including the type of powder, the dosage and the mixing method. Our experienced customer service staff will be happy to support you in choosing a custom silica for handling your powders and bulk goods.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in powder technology

  • Customized for handling powders and industrial bulk goods
  • Free flow: perfect flow capabilities during manufacturing and processing
  • Anti-caking agents: Powders and bulk goods remain flowable thanks to silica – even during storage
  • Dry liquids: Liquids can be transformed into free-flowing powders

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