Efficient insulation: Silica from Evonik for thermal insulation

Face the challenges of saving energy and protecting the climate: Fumed silica from Evonik are excellent insulators that provide far greater heat insulation than conventional systems. They can be used to produce highly efficient insulation systems – as well as being reliable partners in fire protection agents.

Winning the battle against climate change will take a huge effort. One of the most important challenges is to save energy and reduce C02. Every household can contribute with energy-efficient electronic devices. And silica from Evonik are important components in highly effective insulation systems, for example increasing the efficiency of refrigerators. Where conventional insulation materials quickly reach their limits, as they require a lot of space to create an optimum insulation level, silica products come into their own. Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) filled with fumed silica provide excellent insulation with very thin insulation layers. They thus display a significantly better insulation value than conventional insulation systems, which quickly reach their limits as they require far greater volume. Manufacturers wishing to produce refrigerators in energy efficiency classes A++ and A+++ and with lots of room to cool food rely on AEROSIL® fumed silica from Evonik for this purpose.

But silica also impress as insulation materials in hot applications in the household – for example under ceramic hobs. A thin layer of AEROSIL® fumed silica insulates the heating coils to such a degree that electric cables can be placed in close proximity in the cooker. These heat-resistant properties make Evonik’s silica portfolio a reliable partner in fire protection: from the construction of elevator doors and black boxes in airplanes to the insulation of pipes in chemical plants. Whether for hot or cold insulation applications, we support you and get your products ready for the challenges facing you now and in the future.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in thermal insulation systems

  • Silica are excellent insulators and many times more efficient than conventional insulators
  • Combined with suitable opacifiers, they display very low lambda values
  • They are non-combustible and release absorbed moisture again
  • The mineral raw material can be recycled

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