As additives Evonik silica improve the quality of dry toners and color toners for high quality printing results. AEROSIL® fumed silica guarantee flowability and charge stability.

For optimum print quality: Silica from Evonik for toners

With silica from Evonik, you retain the optimum flow properties for your toner powder and control its electrostatic chargeability in a targeted way. We are your partner for maximum precision.

In printing, pin-sharp text and images with high color saturation are what counts. But the printed image produced by laser printers and copiers depends greatly on the toner used. Customers therefore have very high standards for toners: The print quality has to be perfect, but raw materials, energy and costs also need to be saved. With fumed silica and metal oxides from Evonik, your products meet all the standards for modern toner powder and outstanding print quality.
In order to process toners accurately, it is essential that the powder flows freely and does not cake – something that our silica achieve outstandingly when used as flow additives. They also ensure that the triboelectric chargeability is retained. And they guarantee all this even under extreme conditions such as high humidity, large fluctuations in temperature, or longer storage periods.

We offer you the right silica in every particle size, for both positively and negatively chargeable toner powders. We support you in every new challenge – be it producing innovative toners with even smaller particle sizes or constantly developing processes and devices. With many years of experience, our specialists are at your side at every stage of development.

Benefits of silica from Evonik in toners

  • Higher resolution and enhanced print sharpness and color saturation
  • Perfect flow additive for optimum powder flow
  • Control of electrostatic chargeability of toners
  • Production of toners with even smaller particle sizes for higher print quality
  • Lower raw material and energy costs thanks to small particle sizes

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