Not every liquid is easy to process. Viscous or sticky liquids are particularly problematic, for example when it comes to dosing. SIPERNAT® specialty silica or AEROPERL® granulated fumed  absorb liquids like a sponge and transform them into pourable powders. This effect is also known as the “carrier effect.” The absorbates created can be called “dry liquids.” SIPERNAT® products are precipitated silica, while AEROPERL® products are granulated fumed silica.


The carrier effect can be illustrated with a dye absorbed on SIPERNAT® specialty silica

Silica in tire.

Rubber additives are transformed into dry liquids with SIPERNAT® specialty silica. This allows them to be dosed accurately and incorporated into the rubber mix more easily.

Evonik silica as carrier.

SIPERNAT® carrier silica are also used in crop protection granulates, allowing ingredients to be mixed more effectively.

SIPERNAT® specialty silica enable vitamins for animal feed to be turned into powder.

AEROPERL® granulated fumed silica are used as carriers for pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Low-dust powders with good flow capabilities are easier to dose and process than viscous or sticky liquids, especially when the product is mixed with other powders or granulates. SIPERNAT® specialty silica and AEROPERL® products display a high absorption capacity, good flow capability, and chemical purity. Depending on the application, products with different particle sizes are available – as well as low-dust options. Evonik also offers special products for industries with high regulatory requirements, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Carrier silica from Evonik have a porous, sponge-like structure. These pores absorb liquid, without changing the shape of the silica particles. A dust-free microgranular absorbate can be created using a dust-free microgranular silica like SIPERNAT® specialty silica.

Using SIPERNAT® specialty silica or AEROPERL® silica as carriers is very simple. First, the silica is placed in a suitable powder mixer, such as a paddle mixer, plowshare mixer or belt mixer. With the mixer running, the liquid is then added as a fine dispersion. Long and intensive mixing should be avoided in order to retain the porous structure of the silica.

For more detailed information, we recommend our brochures TI 1360 and TI 1213.


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