Handling Technology

The awareness of industrial and workspace hygiene as well as clean production and environmental regulations has increased all over the world. Alongside commercial automation and rationalization, the safe and economic handling of silica has become a primary customer concern. Over the last three decades, Evonik has continuously improved its capabilities and competencies in this area. Today, the company offers a global advisory team of handling and packaging experts to train and support our customers. 

Handling Technology covers all process steps associated with manufacturing and incorporating silica into the final product.

Our team of engineers has extensive expertise in various types of packaging (paper bags, semi-bulk FIBC, full-bulk containers) as well as concepts for unloading, storage, conveying, dosing and mixing at the customer site.

To ensure smooth and proper processing of our products, our information package also comprises instructions on supporting technologies such as filtering, level detection, weight measurement and discharging aids.

A number of solutions and equipment are available on the market for these processes. We work in close cooperation with our customers to help identify the optimal choice for their specific silica type to ensure safe, clean and efficient production.

Our service begins with in-depth technical information, available in printed, online or multi-media formats.

Our pilot plant in Hanau, Germany offers live demonstrations and trials of most handling procedures. Additionally, we work closely with suppliers of pumps, emptying devices, and mixers. If necessary, we can even arrange for special equipment to accommodate a customer’s final process.

We also support our customers with the selection of machinery and the engineering of new plants. Based on our extensive knowledge of special product characteristics, we can verify the feasibility of designs prior to placing equipment orders and starting construction.

Our team of engineers provides personal assistance with any kind of silica handling problem challenge. In urgent situations, we will even make on-site visits to offer practical support.

Services are available on a global scale for existing business partners. The nature and extent of our advisement depends on the urgency and scope of each project.

Our team can be contacted via Evonik’s sales representatives.

Training video using PESy during emptying of silica FIBC