Silica improve the properies of ceramic materials.

Reliable and stable ceramics with silicas from Evonik

Extremely small and extremely powerful: For industrial ceramics applications, Evonik offers silica with a large surface area and high chemical purity. They improve the properties and quality of ceramic materials, as well as facilitating processing.

Ceramics must withstand extreme conditions. This applies to ceramic materials used in sanitary applications, and to an even greater extent, those materials used in technical applications. Ceramic components are used in many industries, from the mechanical and plant engineering sector, to the electrical sector, to medical technology. Depending on the application, the material is subjected to high pressures, extreme heat, or even comes into contact with chemicals.

Minute particles in the recipe are decisive when it comes to the properties and quality of the finished ceramic product. The challenge is therefore to control the entire manufacturing process to ensure the desired microstructures are created. This can be achieved with the targeted deployment of silica from Evonik. We provide our customers with powerful particles with a large surface area and high chemical purity.

AEROSIL® fumed silica, AEROXIDE® and AERODISP® from Evonik are used as functional additives to improve the physical and mechanical properties of ceramic industrial materials. They guarantee that blanks, known as green parts, can be processed industrially and at a consistent quality. A ceramic product must reliably and permanently fulfill its specific requirements, for example as an isolator or fireproof material.

Based on many years of experience, Evonik has developed the right silica variants for different applications. Our products strengthen fireproof materials and increase their heat resistance. When used as a sintering auxiliary, for example, silica enable the sintering process to be controlled precisely and the temperature to be reduced. As a binding agent, our silica increases the durability of ceramic formulations in precision casting, as it prevents the component from baking to the cast, thereby retaining the flow capability.

Benefits of silica from Evonik for ceramics

  • Particles with a large surface area and high chemical purity
  • Improvement of the physical and mechanical properties of ceramic materials
  • Industrial processing of green parts in consistent quality
  • Higher heat and abrasion resistance for fireproof materials
  • Precise control in sintering
  • Increased durability of ceramic formulations when deployed as a binding agent