Webinar: ULTRASIL® 4000 GR - a new high dispersible low surface area silica for winter tire treads

Minh Nguyen, Applied Technology Tire & Rubber

Silica combining easy processing and high reinforcement potential are requested in the tire industry.
Especially winter tires need higher level of silica to optimize wet traction and winter performance. In order not to sacrifice the processing, very low specific surface area silicas are used.

Evonik Operations GmbH developed a highly dispersible granulated silica, with a specific surface area of CTAB 80 m²/g, meeting this requirement and will be added to the rubber silica portfolio beginning of 2021. This new silica is offering a good balance of reinforcement, high dispersibility and very good processing compared to other fillers typically used in this application.

This Webinar is comparing the dataset of ULTRASIL® 4000 GR to other silica types in a standard winter tire tread formulation trial to show where performance benefits could be achieved.

Tuesday April 13, 9 am (CEST) and 4 pm (CEST)

To register, for the webinar at 9 am (CEST) CLICK HERE

To register, for the webinar at 4 pm (CEST) CLICK HERE