Evonik Rubber Silica serve as fillers and reinforcers in tires for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. ULTRASIL® improves tear resistance, effects low rolling resistance that saves fuel and a better grip for more safety.

Silica from Evonik for environmentally friendly tires

Pioneering tires need innovative rubber compounds. Silica from Evonik are optimal active fillers for sustainable tires – whether in cars, trucks or buses. Tire mixtures with silica save fuel, thereby reducing the impact on the environment by reduction of CO2 emissions.

Environmental and climate protection are driving the development of modern tires: Vehicles are to consume less fuel and thus emit less carbon dioxide. The components of the tire tread have a major influence on this, as tires with a low rolling resistance save fuel. However, they still need to impress in terms of wet grip and durability. This is where silica from Evonik come in: As active fillers, they optimize the rubber compounds used in pioneering tires. “Green tires” are an excellent example of this – they guarantee a low rolling resistance, while their improved grip also shortens braking distances on wet roads without having a negative impact on durability.

Tires with large treads, such as those for SUVs, particularly benefit from our active fillers and reinforcing materials. Green tires even bring about a considerable reduction in fuel consumption on trucks and buses. Evonik offers tire manufacturers a large selection of conventional and highly dispersible silica for rubber as fillers and reinforcing materials. As the only manufacturer of the silica/silane reinforcement system, we offer you tailor-made products and comprehensive expertise – keeping your tire production running in the future, too!

Advantages of silica for the tire industry

  • Reduced rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption
  • Improved wet grip performance for more safety
  • Highly durable even when subjected to heavy loads
  • Silica/silane system as a decisive component of green tires

DRIVING TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY: “Green Truck Tires” enabled by Evonik's Silica/Silane Technology

In an era where climate change and resource scarcity are pressing concerns, innovative solutions are imperative. Road transportation, which is responsible for approximately 10% of global CO2 emissions, is at the forefront of this challenge. Evonik’s pioneering “Green Tire” technology marks a significant advancement for the trucking industry. 

Evonik expands production of precipitated silica at US site in Charleston by 50 percent

Evonik invests in a plant expansion for precipitated silica at its site in Charleston. The new line in South Carolina is satisfying the high demand in particular from the tire industry in North America.

We make green tires even greener -  with rice husk ash based silica!

Evonik has entered a strategic cooperation with the Pörner Group, Austria and Phichit Bio Power Co., Ltd., Thailand, to supply sustainable ULTRASIL® precipitated silica to tire manufacturers. 

IATF-16949:2016 certified

The Chinese ULTRASIL® precipitated silica production site in Nanping is now IAFT 16949:2016 certified. It is the first Silica site with this certificate.
IATF 16949 is the most important international standard for quality management in the automotive industry and therefore a Must for suppliers. Contact us!

Low rolling resistance tires for sustainable mobility

Using ULTRASIL® as a filler for tires can lower fuel consumption – and therefore also CO2 emissions – by up to eight percent.

For safe and sustainable tires

For tires with a better grip on mud and snow: Evonik launches highly dispersible low surface area silica: ULTRASIL® 4000 GR


ULTRASIL® has turned 70! Let us take you on a journey highlighting the development milestones on the road to modern tires. How can silica help meet the needs of sustainable mobility in the future?

Evonik Rubber Silica wins Supplier Award from Pirelli

Every year Pirelli awards its best suppliers and service providers in the five categories Sustainability, Quality, Innovation, Performance and Service Level. Evonik’s Product Line Rubber Silica received Pirelli’s Award in the category Quality as the best out of 15.000 global suppliers. Evonik supplies several ULTRASIL® grades to Pirelli’s tire plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas

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