Evonik Rubber Silica wins Supplier Award from Pirelli

Every year Pirelli awards its best suppliers and service providers in the five categories Sustainability, Quality, Innovation, Performance and Service Level. Evonik’s Product Line Rubber Silica received Pirelli’s Award in the category Quality as the best out of 15.000 global suppliers. Evonik supplies several ULTRASIL® grades to Pirelli’s tire plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

On 12th October Pirelli invited the Group’s preferred suppliers to the 2022 Supplier Day at Pirelli’s headquarters in Milan, Italy. Bernhard Schäfer, Senior Vice President Rubber Silica, and Colin Cherry, Global Key Account Manager, received the award in the category Quality. Beside Evonik’s excellent ULTRASIL® product quality Pirelli highlighted the superior service performance and responsiveness of Evonik and expressed the appreciation to Evonik for its leading position in sustainability.

In his speech Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of Pirelli confirmed Pirelli’s strategy for growth in the use of innovative materials derived from renewable and recycled sources. Pirelli calls their partners upon to contribute its aim of reducing CO2 emissions of Pirelli’s supply chain. He also underlined the necessity to have more collaboration between Pirelli and its suppliers. Openness on both sides and trustful cooperation are the basis for solving future challenges.

„It’s a great honor for us as Evonik and our global key-account team having received Pirelli’s Quality Award. It is our commitment to further improve our high quality and service level to deliver a clear value proposition to our customers”, Bernhard Schäfer comments. “We are dedicated improving the footprint of our products and assets, to help our customers achieving their ambitious sustainability goals.

Bernhard Schäfer (Rubber Silica) and Colin Cherry (Global Key Account Manager)

Pirelli Supplier Award 2022