Evonik Silica Webinar: Fumed Titania Products for State-of-the-Art Catalyst Production

Dr. Jörg Münzenberg , Evonik’s Application Technology Manager

Do you formulate catalysts or catalyst carriers? Then you may be interested in our extraordinary & manifold range of fumed titania raw materials.

  • Powder AEROXIDE® titania products: e.g. AEROXIDE® TiO2 P 25
  • Dispersion AERODISP® fumed titania dispersions: e.g. AERODISP® W 740 X
  • Up to 800 °C heat stabilized fumed titania powders: e.g. VP TiO2 545 S 
  • Granules: VP AEROPERL® P 25/20


Join application technology manager Dr. Jörg Münzenberg for a free webinar that introduces to our extensive range of fumed titania products for state-of-the-art catalyst production.

To register, for the webinar on November 22 at 3 p.m. (CET) click HERE


To register, for the webinar on November 24 at 9 a.m. (CET)  click HERE

Fumed titania are tailor-made raw materials for the production of high-surface area catalysts and catalyst carriers based on crystalline titania with extraordinary high purity. Free samples and detailed product information are available following these links:


Link AEROXIDE® TiO2 P 25

Link  AERODISP® W 740 X

Link VP TiO2 545 S

Link VP AEROPERL® P 25/20


Don’t hesitate and join us.