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Please keep an eye on this page for details about when our online seminars will be taking place. We hope to bring you a few different topics throughout the year relevant for your application needs and your region. 



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5:00 p. m.  CET



Evonik Silica – Improving Powder Properties


Evonik’s vast range of silica, silicates, and alumina can be used for several effects in a wide range of industries. One of those effects is to improve powder flowability of industrial powders. Some signs that powder flow improvement is needed are poor manufacturing rates, packaging inconsistencies, storage bridging, etc. In this talk, general information on the differences between precipitated (SIPERNAT®, ZEOFREE®, ZEOLEX®) and fumed (AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE®) processes and the corresponding products will be covered. Transitioning into how they can be used to effectively to improve powder flow. 


1:00 p. m. 



Biological Agriculture Formulation and Stabilization


Join Christopher Proulx and Richard Chen from Silica, Lesley Schmid and Andrea Alquicira from Interface and Performance- Specialty Additives on March 2nd at 1PM EST during the “Biological Agriculture Formulation and Stabilization” webinar. 
The webinar will cover fermentation and testing organisms, increasing performance of biological active ingredients, improving stability in powder and liquid formulations using various ingredients including, SIPERNAT®, AEROSIL®, and BREAK THRU® products. Functional ingredients and process aids play a crucial role in improving the fermentation, maximizing yield, controlling moisture, and extending shelf-life.